Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Whither Now??

As I write this, the stage is set for the passage of the Senate version of the monstrosity called the Obama health-care plan. This bill has brought out all too clearly just how dysfunctional the government has become. Backroom deals with graft paid for with public monies, midnight sessions, a bill that absolutely no one reads or understands, over 100 new federal agencies created, a huge chunk of the economy under government control and a bigger chunk of our freedom taken from us.....all of this and more is there in the bill. And the fact that the vast majority of the public oppose the bill and all that it stands for is totally irrelevant to our so-called representatives.

What now? What do we do and where do we go? If you expect a magical answer here, you are going to be sorely disappointed. I don't have an answer, or at least an answer that I am willing to accept myself. All of the options that we have come to expect are rapidly disappearing, taken from us by those who want and seek limitless power over us.

Repeal the bill? No, there is a clause in there that makes it impossible to repeal it.

Ignore it? Fine, if you are willing to face the consequences, including fines and possible jail time. (Can you even imagine that......being put in jail because you don't want to buy health insurance from the government? To me, that is almost inconceivable, that in our once-free country, we risk jail time for failure to buy an “approved insurance!!)

Contact your representatives? Surely you are joking. If you dare to disagree with them, you are a teabagger, a redneck racist, a nazi or some other pejorative term. Civil discourse, to those in power, consists of saying “Yes” to any and all of their plans, otherwise you are to be ignored.

Vote them out? Well, yes if, and this is a BIG if, there are fair elections. With the ongoing scandal of ACORN and their political party, and the complete disregard by Justice Dept of rampant voter fraud, there is no guarantee that the election will be anything recognizable. And the way the people in DC are behaving, there is actually no guarantee that there will even BE a next election. Some “crisis” will come up and will be so severe that elections will have to be delayed, blah, blah, blah. Why not? All of our other rights and freedoms are disappearing already, so what is one more, for the “common good”, of course.

I try to imagine our Founding Fathers being here with us now. I'm no medium who can read the minds of the dead, but do know enough history to know that what pushed the founding fathers and their followers into revolt against England was much, much less than what we are experiencing in the current time. The freedoms that they fought and died for, freedoms that were never seen before anywhere in history, freedoms that led to this country being a true beacon of hope and freedom throughout the world, those same freedoms are now being stripped from us by a government made up of people like Senators Reid, Dodd, Baucus, Burris, Feinstein, Landrieu, Franken, and of course our own Gillbrand and Schumer and Congressmen like Polosi, Frank, Rangel, and our Hinchey. These people, all of whom seem to think that they are so much smarter than you and me, and know what is good for us more than we know about ourselves, had no difficulty in voting to strip away more of our freedoms and take over almost 1/6 of the US economy. May the Lord help our country!!! And when I think of our Founding Fathers living through these times, I am led to a conclusion that I try hard to avoid. This government would be totally unrecognizable to them, and I strongly suspect that they would weep over the current situation found in Washington, and having wept,would stand together once again, shoulder to shoulder, and respond with a resounding, “NO”.

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Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Just Disgusting. You summed it up very well. Thanks