Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He's MY Senator and I am So proud

This not only shows what sort of person the senator is, but also is a perfect example of the attitude so common in our esteemed representatives; not simply his rudeness to the flight attendant, but also the feeling that the rules are for everyone else, but not for HIM. Certainly HE can continue talking on his phone. He has the right to ignore the request, because he is a SENATOR!! His type honestly make me sick.....short of living high on the hog on our money, and being so much better and smarter and "specialer" than we are, he is simply a person overwhelmed by his own self-image. Well Senator, here is a real come-down for are not one iota better than we are, and in fact in most things are a damn sight worse. My friends don't call women bitches; they try to follow the rules; they don't steal other people's money, and they are smart enough to know that you cannot spend more money than you have.

As to your traveling companion, our other esteemed Senator, it sure didn't take her long to show her true colors, did it? I wonder how long it will be before it dawns on her that her seatmate who has no compunction about calling women bitches might have equal respect for her as he does for the flight attendant?

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Jeremiah said...

If that was anyone else, they would have been face down into the floor with an air marshall's knee on their neck and handcuffs on.