Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sometimes I REALLY Get Ticked Off

A veteran of WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam, a Medal of Honor recipient, the most decorated living soldier and what does he get from his Homeowners Association? He gets this crap because he puts his American Flag up on a flagpole in his front yard!!! Dear lord what is wrong with us? Have we all lost our minds? He is a hero, an honest-to-gosh hero; he risked his life over and over to save others; he loves his country and wants to fly its flag with the honor and respect that it deserves. And a bunch of .... of...... a bunch of dimwits (Trying HARD to be civil here) try to force him to remove it or be evicted. If it weren't for people like Col Barfoot, these wusses wouldn't have a country to live in, and they dare to treat him this way?

What has happened to this country's common sense, sense of decency, and its honor? To Col. Barfoot, you sir, are a true hero. To the homeowners association members, give really hard thought to all that this man and his brothers and sisters have done and are doing for you and your country, and then think again about how you are treating him because he dares to display a flag in a way that doesn't fit into your pissy plans.

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