Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back to The Real World

After a delightful 24 hour break on Christmas (I hope it was a good one for all!!), back to the grim world of reality.

Our great leader has just signed an executive order, which order gives Interpol complete immunity from the safeguards built into our police agencies' powers. They can operate in this country free of any Constitutional restraints. Why don't I feel safer now than I did previously??

And of course, all the news media is simply hysterical that it took the president almost 3 hrs to be notified about an "attempted terrorist act" on board a flight into Detroit. (As an aside, it was NOT an attempted terrorist WAS a terrorist act, an unsuccessful one.) What? They weren't upset?? They didn't even mention the rediculously long delay?? How can that be?? They are such phenomenal and astute and impartial observers and reporters, aren't they?? And of course, they are equally upset with our leader, in this time of economic downturn and financial hard times, going on vacation and paying $4,000/day for lodging. Yea, they really are!

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