Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sen Nelson, another senator with buyable beliefs

Sen Ben Nelson has been a holdout on the health bill, reportedly because of his beliefs in a pro-life stand, and his desire to limit the continued deficit spending.


Actually he just needed a bribe big enough to make it worthwhile to sell out. He got it, and he sold out. Once again, I have learned the hard way that there really are no upright politicians in Washington, simply ones with different price-tags attached. His price was met, he walked away from all of his supposed beliefs.


Jeremiah said...

As pitiful as this is, at least he got his state something. Our lap dog senators do exactly as they are told. Reid says jump and Schumer and Gillibrand say how high

Anonymous said...

Wow. Our elected representatives spent billions to buy votes from senators to allow them to spend trillions on health care. The left views this as a victory while the right looks into the abyss of socialism and weeps.