Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The real unsung heros of the economy

While it is easy, and tempting in a lazy sort of way, to point fingers at other groups and scream that they are the "bad guys"who are responsible for the crisis de jour, it is much more honest to realize that most of these "villans" are really straw-men put up as targets for our justified wrath. And is equally easy to overlook the fact that there are a much greater number of average people (and I do NOT mean that as an insult, but rather as a heartfelt compliment to them) out there doing what they need and want to do to make themselves better, and by that self improvement, make our country better. This gentleman says it so very well.

Ours is not a zero-sum economy. I don't have to lose in order for you to gain. We both can work hard and try to prosper, and both of us can make money. That is the beauty of our economy. It can be a win-win economy, and only when gov't steps in to redistribute in the name of "fairness" does it become a win-lose proposition. Our economy, our country as it was set up, does not require, expect, or even allow this redistribution, because our founding fathers knew that once government takes on that role, several things necessarily follow.
1) Those who earn and see their earnings taken from them either become angry and hostile or else simply stop working to produce profits that will simply be taken from them.
2) Those who receive the redistributions quickly learn to expect them, and have no motivation to become earners, since they are already being "taken care of". Why work when all will be supplied to you as your entitlement?
3) The government becomes larger and larger, more and more powerful as one group learns to depend upon it for more and more, and supports those who will continue to coddle and support them in their life of dependence. And the other group, the group of producers, sees more and more of their hard earned rewards being taken from them by the government; their voice in the whole process become smaller and smaller, while that same government that is taking from them, at the same time points to them as evil "profiteers" who are somehow responsible for the downtrodden and dependent group, WHOM THEY ARE SUPPORTING.

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