Friday, March 6, 2009

Will the Insults Never End?

I'm struggling; I bet you are struggling; the US economy is going down the toilet; everyones' retirement plans are gone in a puff of smoke.

They just got a pay raise. Did you know that?

In addition to the $97,000 "petty cash" increase of a few weeks ago, they just got a

Remind me how I should treat our illustrious congressman and senator the next time I see their sorry faces! I think I may be sick!! How can they do this, and look at themselves in the mirror each morning? In my worst days, I simply couldn't be this two-faced. "We all have to give some, to suffer a bit for the common good, etc, etc, etc" Except for those who are so much better and more important than us peons. They get a raise taken from MY pocket.

Maybe it's time for a Tea Party in Kingston??


Jeremiah said...

Did they actually reinstate the pay raises that they took out??

I know that even though they had originally taken a pay raise for themselves out of legislation they were still due to receive a Cost of Living Adjustment for this year. Can you tell me any worker private or public that still gets an automatic C.O.L.A.? Besides Congress of course.

doc said...

This is the COLA they automatically receive, so that they can say they never voted to get the just magically happened

Jeremiah said...

Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't agree on this one. We all have choices, both to vote for them or become one of them.
Why shouldn't our leaders be paid well?. In fact most of the are not copared to the private sector.
Locally, alderman probably work for less than minimum wage although they choose to do it, I choose not to criticies them for their pay but for the way they expend taxpayer money...smitty

doc said...

The problem that I have with them is their hypocracy. While they take their pay raise, they are forcing us to take pay cuts to keep our jobs via tax increases, new taxes, etc. They scream about business leaders using jets in their work while they take jets to europe for "fact -finding trips"; they tell us to use less energy while they heat their offices to 74 degrees and built mega mansions for their own use, etc. And quite honestly, I know VERY few part time jobs that carry a salary anywhere near what they get paid, let alone the fringe benefits ($97,000 for petty cash????)