Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Follow Up to the AIG Note Below

As noted previously, the Washington talking heads are doing their best to make up a class-envy battle, painting all the AIG workers as the villins because they took their promised bonuses.
Read this letter from someone who worked at AIG and see it from a different viewpoint.

Who do I believe??? Let's just say that there is virtually nothing that anyone from Washington says that I have any reason to believe. Their record of lies and deceit speaks volumes.


Conservatism Gazette said...

Washington does not want you to believe that they are part of this mess. The Obama administration has directly caused these bonuses to be issued, only to sweep the 160,000,000,000 under the table and divert your attention. It worked. Americans are crazed with AIG executives receiving bonuses. This is cause for a socialist administration. They must take over in order for the public to benefit.

This administration will tax this shirt on your back to fund it's own socialist gains. Stand up fellow Americans. Be true to yourself and what you believe in. Do not fear the socialist, as conservatism principles founded this great country. Stick to your beliefs and educate the people. This administration is about change to a socialist agenda, not change for the people.

Jeremiah said...

I read this letter yesterday and found it pretty interesting. With as large as these companies are, it is logical that there are probably huge divisions of the company that are doing just fine. Yet they all get grouped in with the rest of the scum by a government that is trying to deflect your attention away from how baddly they are screwing the taxpayers.

They think if we are mad at company executives then we are less likely to lash out at the the people that are really screwing our economy......Washinton.