Sunday, March 22, 2009

AIG Bonuses

Congress and the White House are up in arms, enraged, absolutely beside themselves in anger about the bonuses that some in AIG received.

Umm, just a brief burst of reality here, they APPROVED those same bonuses. And they are the ones who are responsible for the credit disaster. It was Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, etc who made it mandatory that banks offer mortgage loans to borrowers who could never repay, and thus the credit system began to weaken until it had to collapse. And it was Dodd, Frank, Obama et al who told us the stimulus bill had to be rushed time to read it, let alone discuss it (where it then sat unsigned for 4 days while the POTUS went on a vacation). And what was in that bill? There was an amendment, the DODD amendment, which specifically allowed those same bonuses about which he now feigns rage. Face it folks, we are being played once again for suckers. Those people who got bonuses were being paid as they were contracted to be paid. Because we are angry that the gov't is throwing money at AIG doesn't invalidate those contracts.
A brief clip, with Shepard Smith giving a clear and concise explanation.

It seems that one of the tactics so often called upon is to try and convince us to aim our anger at some other non-government group, while washington and its insiders go on their merry way. Washington government, the senators, congressmen, presidents, and all the camp followers that surround them, spend our money with absolutely no regard for our wishes, spend money that we don't have and will never have, while they junket to the Netherlands to talk with the queen, maintain million dollar houses in Maryland or elsewhere, don't pay their own freaking taxes, run their offices at 78 degrees, and jet across the country in government jets while they tell us to suck it up and suffer for the greater good of the country. Stop and think, my friends. These people, these people who pose in front of the cameras and microphones and point fingers at AIG and other groups, they are the ones we should be angry at; they are the ones who are driving this country to ruin, not AIG, not the banks, not the workers of these companies, but those who are in a position of power and see nothing wrong with using that position and power to advance themselves and their well-being, while handing us the bills and demanding more and more of our money.

Here's another "clip-and-save" to hang on the 'fridge

We will ALL see our taxes and our expenses rise; not those who make over $???,??? whatever amount is being trumpeted this week, but ALL of us. Between energy taxes and penalties, fewer deductions, higher tax rates, we all are going to pay more.

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Anonymous said...

This is all a sham that is being pumped up to cover up all of the things that go on in Washington every day. Dodd and Obama were not up in arms over the fact that they were some of the highest receivers of campaign donations from AIG. Schumer was on the top of the donation list from Madoff which is even more funny.

Contacts are protected by the Constitution. Even Biden knows that. If we override these contracts then you might as well wipe your butt with the Constitution because that is all it will be good for in Washington's eyes.

If they keep us mad at the executives we can't be mad at the politicians which are the biggest thiefs of them all.