Sunday, April 5, 2009

As Liberty Is Slowly Crushed

Even as recently as a few years ago, most of us pointed fingers at places like Chavez's Venezuela, or Castro's Cuba, and remarked about how sad it was to see a people locked under a tyranny of a government that seized private property, oversaw all means of news reporting, and kept the common man completely under control.

We are now that country. Starting with the TARP program, the government sought to take control of the financial markets, and now we have a president who feels it is within his power to fire a CEO of General Motors, a Secretary of the Treasury who has no problem setting salary limits in the private sector, and a set of congressional members who blithely sign away our most basic rights.

Some of the banks who took those TARP funds, sometimes under duress, are now trying to repay them and get out from under the government thumb. Lo and behold, the government won't let them!!! This is NOT about saving the economy, this is about power, seizing and holding power. See here.

Now there has been presented a series of bills that would set up a new "czar" of information, and which bills would give the president absolute control of the internet. See here and here. Think about this for a moment. In order to protest what is happening in Washington, we have to first know what is happening. We have already learned that the mainstream media is of no use at all in this regard, and the restriction of "talk radio" is simply a matter of time. What is left to us is the free and unfettered exchange of ideas and information on the internet, just as you are doing right now. And these bills would grant the government absolute control over this medium.

The government controls the finances, is about to control health care, and now is taking control of communications. What, pray tell, is the difference between us and those countries that we used to pity? Our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Declaration of Independence, all of them are swept aside, ignored and forgotten, simply relics of past times. Instead we have a government that grows and grows, literally devouring the country in its never ending quest for power, power and more power, and we, the citizens of that country, are told to shut up, accept our place as servants of the government, and pay more and more to that fiendish machine of power-hungry politicians.

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Joe Bubel said...

So I get an email like this:

"Dear member,

This is to notify you that your video "Marist College Swimmers" from your
Google Video account has been disabled because it has been identified by
our Content Identification tools as potentially lacking the necessary
copyright authorization for use on the Google Video site. Content
Identification is a program that analyzes similarities in audio or video
between user videos and a library of reference content provided to us by
copyright owners. When a video matches a reference file, that video is
automatically disabled."

I suppose with an information czar, we could expect to receive similar emails notifying us that the 'Government Content Identification Tool' has discovered 'false' and 'misleading' text in your post, and has been taken offline according to US Law.