Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kingston Tea Party

The Kingston contingent held their rally along Ulster Ave this afternoon. Estimates were that there were 250 to 350 present at any one time, although people came and went through the afternoon. I was struck by the huge number of passer-bys who honked, waved, and gave thumbs-up as they drove past.

A real cross section was there, older, younger, all varieties of people who shared a concern with where this country is going.


Jeremiah said...

That was a very big turn out considering there was nearly no promotion of it before hand for the Kingston one.

UCP's Blogs said...

Is Councilman Gaddy protesting his own tax increase?

ATL said...

I really wanted to attend, however work came first. (need to pay those taxes you know!)

I hope something comes of it.

doc said...

UCP Blogs

I'll let this stay up now, but for future reference, please keep it more general....I don't know Mr Gaddy or his/her motives, nor do you, so please keep it non-personal. Many thanks for reading and welcome!!

Anonymous said...

Edward Gaddy is a Town Councilman from the Town of Kingston.