Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

Some thoughts, more or less random, that have crossed my mind over the past few days:

Pelosi Care: I am absolutely in awe over the unmitigated gall of this woman and her ilk.

Poll after poll show that the majority of the public does NOT want this bill. Last I saw said that 55+/- oppose it. Rallies across the country join in opposition of it. But who are we to even dare to think that we know better what is good for us and our country than the fantastic geniuses in DC who are going to shove this through no matter what.

It is going to break the economy of the country. I am no financial genius, but even I know that if you try to expand coverage to 40 million more people, it IS GOING TO COST MORE! To tell us that it is budget neutral and expect us to believe it shows quite well just how stupid you think we are. And of course, there is no discussion at all about the fact that virtually every government program will cost many times more than what is projected, and that revenue starts to be collected now but expenditures don't start for 5 more years.

It specifically EXCLUDES the same idiots who are forcing it on us. If this is such a great and wonderful program, shouldn't our great leaders be first in line to participate? Shouldn't it be mandatory for them, just as they make it mandatory for us? And if they can opt out, then damn if I shouldn't be able to opt out also!

It openly and directly violates the Constitution. Now I realize that the Constitution is not held in a whole lot of respect in DC any more, but can someone, ANYONE, show me where the gummint is given power to order me to buy health insurance? Doesn't it bother anyone else when this bunch of power freaks starts with the "must" and "shall" and "will"'s? Who the hell are they to be ordering me, you, and all other law-abiding citizens around like a bunch of little tyrants? Our government no where gives them, or any other politician, such power over the citizenry. They are supposed to be our representatives in DC, NOT our bosses.

It isn't going to work. Perhaps the most basic reason to oppose this plan. It simply is not going to work. How can a bunch of bureaucrats who know exactly nothing about health care or its delivery put together a plan that will work? They obviously know nothing about balancing a budget, and nothing about what the citizenship wants or needs, but because they sit in a lofty chamber so far above us commoners, they will come up with a foolproof plan that will be within budget, cover more people with less money and fewer doctors, without taking away any services from anyone. Good lord, how stupid do they think I am?

It is much more bipartisan in the opposition than in those supporting it. With a huge majority in Congress, they had more of their own party voting against it than they had opposition party voting for it.

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