Thursday, November 12, 2009

Major Nidal Hasan

As everyone argues back and forth whether or not he is a terrorist, a simple fact is overlooked. He is a traitor. As a member of the US Army, he took action directly against other members of the Armed Services. Therefore he is a traitor.

Aside from that, I have to almost laugh at how the Left is bending over backward to try and find any justification for his actions so as to avoid his obvious terrorist bend. A simple mind game for you to try.....instead of Muslim, replace with Methodist; instead of Army personnel, replace with abortion clinic workers. Does anyone, ANYONE, think for a single moment, that these same people would even consider justifying or explaining the shooter's activities under those simple changes. Of course we know the answer. But somehow it is "different" with those 2 simple changes. And I am so very sick of the discussion about how we have to worry about the good Muslims. Last time I checked, the only ones dead were dead because of Muslims, not because they were Muslims. And I don't know anyone of sound mind who is condemning all Muslims for the action of this man or those of his ilk. So spare me the histrionics, please and face the fact that he was trying to contact a sworn enemy of this country, had preached Jihad, and killed innocent people.

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Jeremiah said...

Excellent example. I don't think that there are any logic using people out there that some how link this scum to Muslim Americans just as they don't tie these people that kill abortion doctors to everyday Christian Americans.

In every relgious, cultural, economic, and even occupational group there are people that are not with the norm, whether they are some kind of extremeist with a warped view of their beliefs or just a sicko they exist everywhere and the population in general does not lump them in with their peers. Unless of course you are patriotic and happen to own a firearm, then you are lumped in with those wannabe Militia nut jobs that run around the woods in their pajama's and automatic weapons.