Friday, November 13, 2009

Pelosi_care #2

More on Pelosi-Care

At a recent post passage news conference, someone asked Pelosi if it was true that jail time could be imposed for those not signed up for the gummint health plan. And she DID NOT deny it.

Think long and hard on this. She is saying that she feels it acceptable to put people in jail for not buying into her health plan. IN JAIL!!!! For the love of all that is holy, they did that in Russia; we don't do that in the US of A!! Going to jail for not buying insurance, simply because this woman decides it should be so.

Think about this. From the Ace of Spades
Read the whole article if you have a chance.

"The left says: You are crazy to claim your so-called freedoms are being taken away, and you are a lunatic to scream about an overly powerful state which will use violent coercion (no one goes to jail without the threat of violence if he doesn't, after all) to enforce its notions of the "economic good

And with the next breath the left says: By the way, you shall either buy health care insurance or we will throw you in prison for two or three years.

I'm paranoid? Really? I am not fretting here about some remote and unlikely possibility. We are not speaking here of "slippery slopes" or in terms of "what comes next?"

We are instead objecting to a black-letter law spelled out for all to see in the very first piece of legislation you're proposing."

Right out of the box. The state here -- Pelosi, Reid, Obama -- are claiming that they can imprison people for behavior that has never before even been hinted as being a crime, on the theory that such behavior constitutes unpatriotic economic behavior which is detrimental to the state's balance sheets.

Think about what a broad, all-encompassing term "economics" is. 80% of our waking hours are spent in economic activity of one sort or another. The state here is asserting the right to imprison people for behavior they consider not actually morally reprehensible or harmful as other crimes are, but instead merely detrimental to the Great Push Forward, the state's master plan of economic health and well-being."

Going to jail because you didn't buy an insurance plan approved by the government. Can you even conceive of that? Can you imagine any of the Founding Fathers tolerating such a law, let alone passing it? Can imagine any of those who fought for our independence obeying such a law? In your wildest fantasies, could you conceive of any of our so-called representatives daring to propose such a frightening law? But there it is, compliments of Pelosi and all the spineless zombies in the House who just blindly signed off on this piece of totalitarianism masquerading as a health-care bill. Now all those who voted for this bill either agree with this bull***t, or else didn't know that it was in there. Either way, they should be thrown out. If they didn't know, then they are incompetent; if they did know and voted for it anyway, then they are supporting a bill which is a direct violation of the Constitution and should be impeached. They are willing to put you or your family in jail if you don't agree with their bill and buy their insurance.

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