Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you, SIR

Power once again has been transferred in Washington. As opposed to most countries in world history, it is done smoothly, quietly, non-violently. And as G.W. Bush goes home after his eight years of service, I add my voice to many others with a sincere "Thank you, Mr President".

He wasn't perfect (what president has been?) and I strongly disagree with much of what he did or tried to do. But I have no doubt about his unfailing goal of the betterment of this country and the world, and of his patriotism. He worked tirelessly toward what he thought was right, and his opinion was not simply a windsock of the current politically correct idea. What he saw as right he fought for.

He guided our country through the worst attack against it ever in its history. He protected us from an unknown number of other attacks. He carried on his shoulders a burden that I cannot even imagine. And he still found time to get away from the press and cameras to go to visit wounded soldier and their families; he found time to write to every family who lost a loved one in the war. I may disagree with some of his policies, but never with his motives, his faithfulness to those motives, or his patriotism, and I wish him a long, happy retirement. God bless you, Sir. You have earned it!

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