Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Speaker of the House Speaks

By now I guess most of us have heard about Nancy Pelosi's "brilliant" response that birth control and abortion is a necessary part of a stimulus bill because if these measures are taken, there will be less drain on the economy.
Aside from the fact that such statements make words like "stupid" and "un-befreaking-lievably idiotic" sound waaaaaaay too tame, it is also enlightening to see how this mouthpiece of the Democratic party and its policies sees her constituents and her country. People, real, live people, are seen, not as an asset to the country, but as a potential drain on the economy. Who does she think makes the economy work? Who does she think is earning the money that she and her friends blow through in Washington? Why are people a drain, and not an asset? How dare she look down her Patrician, upper crust nose at us, the riff-raff that are here only to be controlled and used by those who REALLY KNOW what is best? Wake up people, while you still can. This brood of vipers in Washington want to control you, to own you. And what better way than to create a panic about the economy, then use that panic to justify the largest seizure of our country's private ownership ever in our history. Is the economy in trouble....sure is! It's in a recession, one of many that we have gone through and have survived. Is the cure for that recerssion to have the Government spend gazillions of dollars, most of which is going to glorified pork-barrel projects, while printing more and more worthless money? Is it logical to give OUR money to companies who made such bad decisions that they are now failing? Does this woman and her cronies in Washington have a clue what they are doing? Is she some sort of economic genius, or is she a power hungry politician who sees "us" simply as a drain on the economy? Even the Congressional Budget Office, reveiwing the bail out bills, comes to the conclusion that these "Rush them through..we need relief NOW" bills will feed barely 10 % of the money into the economy this year. Most of it will not have any effect until the next election year (Gee what a coincidence THAT is!!!).

Once again, we are being set up as the fall guys for the government and our so-called representatives to rob us blind and steal away some more of our liberties.

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