Thursday, January 15, 2009

Change We Can Believe In

Our president elect promised us a new Washington, free from the "insiders" and pure as the driven snow. Let's take a quick review, shall we?

J. Podesta co-chair of transition team
White House chief of staff Clinton Admin.
B Currie secretary to Mr Podesta
Clinton personal secretary

R Emanuel Chief of Staff
senior advisor to Clinton's
E Kagan Solicitor General
Deputy Director Domestic Policy Council Clinton Admin.
T Perrelli Assistant Attorney General
Counsel to Attorney General Clinton Admin.
D Johnsen Head of Legal Counsel Dept of Justice
Office of Legal Counsel Clinton Admin
R Klain Biden Chief of Staff
Gore Chief of Staff
S Donovan Sec'y of HUD
Deputy Assistant Secretary Multifamily Hiusing HUD Clinton Admin
G Craig White House Counsel
White House Special Counsel Clinton Admin
M Sutphen Deputy Chief of Staff
Deputy Assistant to Sandy Burger Clinton Admin
S Rice Ambassador to the UN
Ass't Sec'y of State for African Affairs Clinton Admin
T Daschle Sec'y Health and Human Services
Former Senate majority leader
L Summers Director White House National Economic Counsel
Secretary of Treasury Clinton Admin
E Holder Attorney General
US Deputy Attorney General Clinton Admin
L Panetta Director of CIA
White House Chief of Staff Clinton Admin
T Geithner Secretary of Treasury
Under Secretary of Treasury for International Affairs Clinton Admin
H Clinton Secretary of State
former First Lady Clinton Admin.

In addition, we have someone nominated for Secretary of the Treasury, and who is thus the head of the IRS, who "forgets" to pay certain taxes for multiple years, in spite of the fact that the IMF for whom he works, specifically advises all employees that the taxes are the workers responsibility, and even sends out quarterly reports to assist them in those payments. Additionally, he then gets AND ACCEPTS reimbursement for those taxes that he never paid. Hey, it's a sweet deal if you can get it. A word of advice here...don't try this at home. It only works if you are one of those special people for whom the rules don't apply.

We also get an "energy czar" who is a member of a Socialist group whose goals are to reduce our economy to protect the world, who is also a board member of a "carbon credit" company, while her husband lobbies for major oil companies!

Let us not overlook the nominee for Attorney General, a man who pushed for and got presidential pardons for FALN terrorists and for a fugitive thief, who was involved in that noble adventure to pull Elian Gonzales at gunpoint from a family member's arms to send him back to Cuba.

All I can say as I look at the incoming officers is "Please, God, watch over us and protect us".


Anonymous said...

The "Change" was from the people who held the ball for the last 8 years - that we did change.

At least the people he appointed have experience - that was the last cry of the right - no experience! no experience! - and at least they are experienced in working with a successful President that left us a surplus.

All good brother - all good.

doc said...

Yes, we did change that, but of course, that is true with EVERY new president. But I don't think that is what was meant...the change was supposed to be a new and exciting Washington, not a rerun of the Clinton Administration. And we still have the problem of an inexperienced president and several picks whose governmental backgrounds are somewhat less than stellar.