Friday, January 30, 2009

Am I getting REALLY pissed off??

From Instapundid website:
"It seems Tom Daschle recently paid a little over $100,000 in back taxes and interest after failing to tell the IRS that he was receiving a free car and driver from a Wall Street friend for three years. If you’re keeping track, that’s a little over twice the amount Tim Geithner paid in back taxes and interest."
This is starting to get to me, especially when I spent a fair part of the day calculating and paying my 941 and 940 taxes (quarterly income and Federal Unemployment ), my quarterly State taxes, and my state unemployment taxes. While I'm giving away, no, while I'm FORCED to turn over a very large chunk of my earnings, and on the same day that I get my home taxes and see a 21% increase, I see that yet another member of our new cabinet seems to have "forgotten" $100,000 in taxes, and once again he pays it back and there is NO PENALTY. We truly are fools to put up with this blatant double standard. These people in Washington, people who are supposed to be our leaders and better than us, are a bunch of thieves, not paying the taxes that they impose on us, and getting away with it simply because of who they are. Truly disgusting.

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Jeremiah said...

Americans are completely clueless. We just move on without giving this another thought. Meanwhile our President issued a statement yesterday saying that he stands behind this scumbag, because "he is the best person for the job". Apparently if we want to get anywhere in life we need to not pay taxes. I guess that tax dodgers are now looked up to in our society.