Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Troopergate Report

Well,well.....what a surprise! The Alaska senator who promised to get a report out in time to hurt S. Palin's campaign managed to release a report finding her guilty.

If you read the report, however, the case seems a bit less than convincing.

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Joe Bubel said...

How nuts do you think the county democrats were to go, if say DA Carnwright made a statement "We are going to investigate Mike Hein, and we will produce something damaging before the November election".

The results of this report is in all intensive purposes, weak. No, extremely weak. The MSM is barely touching it, even they know what a partisan hack job this is. Hopefully, the Alaskan electorate will show this man the door.

I remember a certain 'troopergate' here in NY, by a certain, now in exile governor. Using State funds to have troopers 'spy' on his opponents. Not much of a deal was made then, in fact, many stuck their necks out DEFENDING Spitzer. I only wish their 'heads' got caught.