Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Hope This is Wrong!

With every fiber of my being, I hope that this view is wrong, is being too pessimistic. But there is a nagging feeling that I cannot shake that tells me that if anything, it is being too optimistic. I truly fear for our country, what it is and what it is becoming as opposed to what it once was and should still be. I wonder if we can survive 4 years of pure socialism and come out of it intact.


Joe Bubel said...

Excellent link! The ONLY thing that keeps hope, for me, is that there is the desire and belief in the large majority of Americans that they too, can be sucessful in this great country. That majority has shrunk in recent years, but the belief is still there. That belief also goes hand in hand with the belief in less government, a government which will stay out of the way, yet at the same time, catch you when things get really bad, through no fault of your own.

Anonymous said...

Here's a quote from the blog entry you cite:

"Wilderness. Learn to love it. Learn to love our new government overlords. learn to love high gas prices, inflation, increased government spending, deficits that have our grandparents rolling in their graves and government run health care programs that start looking like and acting like health mills. Let me tell you that the people I get to talk to every day want that government spending and government health care more than we do not."

Well, we've gotten every one of those things under Republican rule. High gas prices? Check. Inflation? Check. Big deficits? Check. But we don't have health insurance for 45 million Americans. I think our national investment decisions have been poor. I'm ready to give the Dems a chance at the Whitehouse.

Jeremiah said...

Very informative.

I really like the name of the blog, lol. I don't know where you find the time to see all of these blogs.

doc said...

Dear Anoymous,
And your point is what??? I am not a republican OR a democrat. Both parties sem to move more and more in the same direction, a direction that leaves the country and its citizens worse then they were.

If you look back over previous entries, you may get more of a feeling of what I stand for...and it is NOT a political party. I seek a return to personal responsibility, to personal strength and independence, and less of government interfering in our lives. The Republican party of history did this much better than either party does now, though if I had to choose one or the other party, I see more of what I want in the right than the left. Please, though, don't try to fit me or what I say into a political slot.....I don't work that way.
And thanks for stopping by!.

Jeremiah said...

Unfortunately both parties need to read the stated values on their own websites.

I identify with the Republican Party because of what they are "SUPPOSED" to be. Which is not represented in their actions of recent history.

You are right, these guys (Democrats and Republicans) are moving in the same direction, and I believe are doing it together. As long as they work together (even though they portray themselves as different from each other) and keep other parties out of the mix, they get paid and we the taxpayers get screwed.