Friday, October 17, 2008

Freedom of Speech ???

We all know "Joe the plumber", who had the nerve to ask Mr Obama a question, and how the answer to Joe's question revealed what Mr Obama's plans were for OUR money. Those of us who have become somewhat cynical about the intolerance for dissenting views were muttering under our breath that Joe was going to pay and pay mightily for his errors. It certainly didn't take long for the media, the "impartial media", to start digging for all the dirt that they could find.

That by itself is shameful, but add to that this little note. Something here smells just a wee bit stinky......the media can dig up all the dirt on Joe the Plumber, but somehow can't find anything, ANYTHING, even vaguely nesworthy in the background of Mr Obama or any of his associates.


It seems that more than a few people are upset, not just with the sliming of Joe the plumber, but also with what the answer revealed about Mr Obama's ultimate plan for our money.


Jeremiah said...


I can't remember the gentleman's name, but this happened before with Bill Clinton in a Town Hall Meeting type of deal. The guy asked a questions that stumped Clinton on camera. As a result his life was ruined not just by the media, but investigations by Federal Agencies.

I just recently saw a story on the incident, if I can find it I will forward it.

Joe Bubel said...

Freedom of "Agree" Speech will be the only form of the 1st Amendment allowed. As it has been in the past, the people and party which is supposedly 'open minded' and embraces 'diversity', are the first to EXCLUDE.