Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Approach To Life In Today's Dangerous World

Every day, there seems to be some sort of crisis or other, either in our country, the world, or even in our own personal lives. Such crises are unavoidable and are part of our imperfect world. But how we approach them and deal with them can make a world of difference, sometimes even a difference of life or death for ourselves and/or families. The folks hit by floods, or hurricanes, or ice storms or wildfires, or any of the many disasters that we read about, all these people were cast into a situation that demanded that they respond. How they responded had immeasurable impact on them and their communities.

Years ago, I stumbled upon a webpage that had an article about living as sheep, sheepdogs or wolves. That article made a great deal of sense to me then, and still does.Whether you believe in carrying firearms or not, the underlying idea of self sufficiency, self reliance, and that character we call courage, fortitude, or whatever you want to label it, is a valid one, at least to me (and as my profile says, I admit that I may be living in the wrong century). This site (LANGUAGE IS A BIT ROUGH) carries it one step further, builds upon it, and gives what is to me a sensible basis upon which to build, a way to mentally prepare for the events that may befall any one of us. Whether we like it or not, the world is NOT a friendly place......never was, never will be. And of necessity, we better be in a position to protect that which we hold most dear.

I would also recommend that you go to this website to get some practical advice from a man who is experienced in this area. Lord willing we will never need to use the advice, but that is what the residents of Galveston, TX also said.

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