Monday, December 24, 2012

Firefighters Down

4:15 PM
2 volunteer firefighters in Webster N Y (outside Rochester) have been shot and killed, and 2 more critically wounded in an apparent ambush. A felon apparently set his house and car on fire and then shot the firefighters when they arrived.

What a way to celebrate Christmas!!!
This guy had already been convicted of killing his grandmother. Why was he out on the street? Is life that cheap in NY State? (Answer: yes it is. You'll get more time for stealing somebody's money than for killing  them, it seems)

One has also to point a finger at the media who sensationalizes shootings and killings. Every toad suddenly sees a way to be the BIG story, and decides to make a name for himself by becoming a me-too murderer.

For the brother firefighters who died trying to protect others, for their families, for the wounded firefighters and their families, I pray for you all.

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