Friday, December 21, 2012

The tragedy of the Ct. shootings still hangs in the air. And even before the first victims are laid to rest, as sure as night follows day, the politicians are on their soapboxes calling for more gun control, more laws, MORE, MORE, MORE!!!  We have to do something!!!!
But this predictable response is not just from Washington or Albany. It trickles down to the local level as well.

Mayor Bloomberg has his group of mayors who follow him lock-step in his continued attempt to restrict private gun ownership. And when you look at that list, surprise, surprise, our own mayor is listed there

Never mind that there there is no, zero, zip evidence that any of the laws already passed have had any effect on crime; never mind that when private ownership of firearms rises, violent crime rates fall; never mind that criminals and/or insane people don't follow the rule of law..... we HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!!!!  And our mayor signs on to this

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