Thursday, January 17, 2013

The new gun control laws

So our governor has rammed through another set of gun laws for NY State. I didn't know this, but in NY there is a mandatory 3 day period before bills can be acted on, unless there is some kind of emergency that demands immediate action. And I guess a tragedy in another state, 4 weeks ago, is such an emergency????

I'd really like Mr Cuomo, or ANYONE, to tell me exactly why I should feel safer because magazines are now mandated to hold 7 rounds instead of 8. So some wack job decides he is going to commit a mass murder. He gathers together necessary equipment, but carefully strips out 3 rounds from each magazine so that he doesn't break any gun laws as he commits his mass murder? Am I missing something here, or is it as completely asinine as it sounds? And of course we cannot have any rifle that has a bayonet lug on it, because so many have been bayoneted  recently.

We truly have gone completely mad, if we think that this new laws protects anyone from anything. And oh by the way, many police officers are now criminals, because in their haste to DO SOMETHING, the lawmakers failed to exempt law enforcement personnel on duty from the 7 round restriction.

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