Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"It's Only a Parliamentary Procedure, Isn't It?"

This gentleman pretty much says it all.
The debate is over, the public has spoken and overwhelmingly does NOT want the Obama health care plan. So......they will simply ignore the public, those whom they are supposed to represent, and they will ignore the rule of law which specifically and clearly states in the Constitution that before a bill can become law, it has to pass in both houses of Congress. They will pass a bill which pretends that the health care bill was passed, and we are supposed to accept that because they say so.


If they don't have the intestinal fortitude, the courage, to actually put their vote ON THE BILL, not a parliamentary substitute for the bill, then piddle on them. It simply confirms what I already knew about our supposed leaders in Washington. They are not our representatives, and they certainly are not leaders in any sense of that term. And if they do this illegal maneuvering to pretend to pass the bill, then I agree with the gentleman above. It was not legally passed; it is not legally binding. And once again, those who want to control us more and more show their true colors; if the laws of the land interfere with their plans, simply ignore it and do what they want to do. And next, the next time that the Constitution interferes with their grand plans, what other right of the public will be trampled into the mud, all in the name of progress. Remember that the Constitution and what it stands for, is the only protection that we have against a government and those who are in the government from becoming tyrants and despots. And do you really want Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid, or Mr Hinchey, or Mr Shumer, or any of the other professional politicians or innumerable bureaucrats in Washington, ruling your life? Do you really think that they are something special, somehow better than you at living your life? If you do, God bless you and I hope that you enjoy the life of servitude that will surely follow. If you don't, then recognize that that rule under which the government is supposed to function, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, is being ignored and sidestepped and trashed, and our very liberty is being endangered more and more every day.

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