Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Wish I Thought They Were Kidding

On the news this evening, our very own Senator Schumer (D)and Lindsey Graham (R)have presented a bill that would mandate a government employment card. Every, EVERY worker in the US must have this card to get a job. This would be a "high tech" card with microchip, stored data such as fingerprints or whatever. Of course, there is absolutely nothing that would prevent this card from being used for other things such as tracking, travel restrictions or whatever other purpose that the gov't might want to use it. And their justification? It would prevent illegal aliens from finding employment. Hey guys, here's a novel alternative instead....enforce the damn laws that we already have, and control the borders like we're supposed to. Try that approach before this hair-brained idea.

Even if yo have a warm and fuzzy feeling about our Washington politicians, consider this...we are talking here about a whole new system, which equates to a whole new bureaucracy to run it. additionally I am sure that this high tech cards would not be cheap. So in a time when we are going broke, we will spend a gazillion dollars on a whole new system.

And of course there is this little bitty problem, so minor as to hardly bear mentioning. This is a blatant invasion, or should I say ANOTHER invasion, of our privacy. In spite of what these two "leaders" in Washington may say, it is not the government's business to control my employment, nor to set up a system that could control my movement, my employment, my purchases, or anything else as long as what I do is lawful. And if you really believe that the use of such a card would not expand, I strongly suggest that you look at the history of the social security system, where that card was supposed to be used ONLY to track your ss info, and in fact it was specifically written that no one could force you to reveal that number for any other purpose. Now try not to use that number and see how far you get with any bank or other financial institution. It WILL expand!!

Another point to notice....this bill is an excellent example that in this day, it makes no difference whatsoever what political party our senators and representatives are connected to. Members and "leaders" of both parties are in the same boat, and both are working for the same goals. Those goals are bigger government, which gives them more power, and their continued occupation of their seats in Washington.

Completely different note here................I just got a letter telling me that I will be getting a letter with the census form. Who, except Washington, sends a letter telling someone that they are about to get a letter??? Maybe I am really stupid, but it seems to me that we just doubled the cost of this stage of the project, didn't we?

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Anonymous said...

Did you happen to count how many different languages were at the bottom of that letter?