Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Just Salt, For The Love Of Pete

The State is this close to going belly-up; we can't seem to find anyone who isn't up to here in corruption to lead in Albany, and we get this as a proposed law. Hey, if you want salt-free cooking, bless you...just ask for it or cook at home. Personally, I want some taste to my food and though I don't want it oversalted, I do want the cook (or chef) to be able to do his/her work without answering to some NY State Salt Policeman. As an aside, there is very little evidence that salt has any significant effect on health except for a very few salt-sensitive people. Please Mr Assemblyman, we really don't need a nanny to lead us around, and need even less another do-gooder who knows what is good for us better than we know ourselves. And you know what? If a restaurant makes food too salty, I have a very simple, non-governmental response to it. I don't eat there any more!!!!!

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