Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Washington Arrogance

From the Fox News Site:

Families who fail to get health insurance could be fined up to $3,800 under a health care reform plan proposed by a top Senate negotiator.

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., who as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee is leading talks among the "Gang of Six" senators to hammer out a bipartisan compromise, offered what he described on Tuesday as a "framework" and not a "final product."

Where exactly does this guy get off telling me that:

1) He knows better than me what is good for me.

2) He has a right to tell me what to do with my money.

3) The Constitution means nothing as to limitation of government powers.

I stand in complete awe of the arrogance of these people in Washington. Most of them have absolutely no concept about what the real world is like, as they jet around the world on "fact-finding tours" (us commoners look up facts on the Internet or even READ BOOKS!!!) and yet they sit and decide what they will do to us with our own freaking money. Maybe if they actually had to work for a living, and worry about the next paycheck and how to meet the mortgage payments and fuel bill, they might have a better grasp of what it is like outside of the beltway. But even so, would you be so presumptuous that you would try to mandate how your neighbor spent his/her money? Of course not, but this yo-yo who lives in Washington and supposedly represents people in a state 2,000 miles from me feels perfectly comfortable telling me that he and his cronies are going to fine me if I don't buy health insurance from a program that they will set up and control.

And our own representative, the same representative who refused to attend a townhall meeting, now pontificates on how he feels so good about getting millions of federal dollars for us, the poor slobs who can't be trusted to take care of ourselves.

"I've worked very hard to bring back tens of millions of dollars in federal funding to directly create and retain jobs and to lay the groundwork for the growth of new industries and businesses in the region so that this area will prosper for decades to come. At the same time, I've brought back federal resources to help those in need, which is not only the right thing to do, but also spares local taxpayers from having to pay for all of these much-need social services."

Hey Congressman, that is OUR money that you are returning to us. You aren't giving us jack. It was our money that you took from us. It is money that you and your ilk have been taking from us and squandering on rediculous programs that only drive us deeper and deeper into debt as a country. Please, stop treating us like morons, like you are somehow giving us this wonderful gift. Giving us our own money isn't sparing us anything at all.It is OUR MONEY, Congressman, not yours.

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Anonymous said...

While I do not think that this...um...version of a "health plan" will ever pass I find it interesting that they are going to fine me $3800 if I don't acquire health insurance. Let's see, I do not have insurance at this time because I cannot afford the premiums. So, I'm going to get fined? Where in the hell do they think I'm going to get the money to pay the fine?