Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN and my Senator

Per this link, my senator was one of 7 who voted against defunding ACORN.
Let's see...there are tapes showing employees in one, two, three offices of ACORN who seem to see no problem helping people cheat the bank, potentially defraud the IRS, set up a whore house, and bring underage girls into that whore house. But Senator Gililbrand sees no reason to stop giving them MY money.
I stand in complete awe of these people, who hold themselves up as "leaders" of our country. But the awe is an awe of contempt, complete and utter contempt. Senator Gillibrand, I am sure, would never even think of giving money to anyone who came door to door to solicit money for a group who supported prostitution, or tax evasion, let alone for child prostitution. And yet here she is voting to give my tax dollars to a group whose workers are doing that very thing. It is truly eye opening to see what corruption comes in the nation's capital.


Anonymous said...

She has to go.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and make sure she holds the door for Schumer on her way out.

Joe Bubel said...

I don't get her at all. There has got to be a deeper story behind this. Why did she vote opposite of the Senior Senator from NY? Purely for self preservation? Does the WFP communist party have anything to do with this? WHO is she listening to?