Saturday, September 12, 2009

Teaparty Observations

I made it to the local Teaparty on Rt 9W today....a good turnout.
A very interesting observation for what it is worth; all of the participants were smiling and having a good time, enjoying their chance to show their beliefs; more passers-by were beeping and giving the thumps-up as they drove by than were disagreeing. And of those who expressed their disagreement, it was a real eye-opener to see the anger that filled many of them. The "F" bomb thrown out to total strangers, the "3rd finger salute" given with an expression of rage at us for daring to disagree with their beliefs, the apparent contempt for anyone and everyone who held different ideas than them, truly an education as to who really seems to have anger issues.

Hey folks, you are the ones in power right now. Why are you so angry with us simply because we disagree? Are you that afraid of us, people who you tell everyone are a tiny minority of the public? If we are that insignificant, why do you feel compelled to vent such rage on us? And please, please tell me why it makes you feel better or more powerful or more correct than me because you can shout out a four letter word as you drive by, or are able to flip me a bird? Heck, most kids over the age of 12 can do that, can't they? I really have to say that those "right-wing terrorist gangs" acted a whole lot better than the passers-by who disagreed with us. Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that's what ultra liberals do. They can't win a debate on issues, so they call you names.

Don't take it personally. Feel bad for them instead, because they are so narrow minded that they think Obama can do no wrong. That's scary!

doc said...

No, I don't take it personally...I'm too old and been cussed out by far better than those folks to be offended.

It is just sad that people can be so hateful over a political viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

It is funny because when the Liberals filed 30 thousand people on to the national mall to protest George Bush it was reported by the media to be a huge public outcry against the president. Over 60 thousand show up Saturday in Washington plus portests throughout the country and the media doesn't even cover it. Imagine how surprised everyone will be when congress gets voted out next year.