Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What big government problem??

Congressmen are supposed to have sworn to uphold the Constitution, which pre-supposes that they have read the Constitution, or at least have an idea what it says. And it would seem that most of those who are our appointed representatives would have the general concept of limited government, that our government was set up to restrict the power of Washington over the citizenry. Right? Right?

Well, listen to what this congressman has to say.

No wonder we feel like we are becoming mere slaves of the state.

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Joe Bubel said...

I heard him say that on TV, and thought WOW! This is exactly what is wrong in Washington. These socalled representitives are out of their gords. What part of the definition of REPRESENTITIVE do they not understand? There are 16 different definitions from dictionary.com on 'represent'. Nowhere does it say anything about autocracy or ruler.