Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't Be Discouraged

In these times that we are living, it can be easy to slip into discouragement or even despair. We write and/or call our representatives in Washington and our state capitals, and we are brushed off without a second thought. The majority of us object to one bill after another, but they pass anyway because "they" are so much smarter than us, and know what is best for us, even more than we know ourselves.

Well, I've been reading Laura Ingraham's new book "The Obama Diaries" which, by the way, I do recommend, and in dealing with this very topic, she helps put things in perspective.
"Consider how ridiculous you would sound:
American from 1776: "We had to fight the world's largest empire with an all-volunteer army"
American from 1814: "We had to watch the British burn down the president's house"
American from 1945: " We had to fight Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan"
American from 1951: "We had to roll back the Communist invasion of South Korea"
American from 2010: "We had to deal with..Barack Obama and Joe Biden! And Nancy Pelosi! It was...horrible!""
Thank you once again Laura, for putting things back in perspective. In the grand scheme of what this country has been through, AND triumphed over, in the past, these politicians are certainly not insurmountable!

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