Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tax Law Change

In case you missed it in the mainstream media, there has been a bit of a change in the withholding tax tables this year.....and surprise, surprise, it is NOT a tax break. Rather, it is a mandatory "loan" to the government. Yup, more withheld from YOUR paycheck so our "leaders" in DC can get their fingers on it. Hey, Sen Shumer and Gillibrant and Rep Hinchey, thanks a freaking lot for looking out for us. The economy is going down the crapper, unemployment is up, so you will take MORE of our money. Great plan you have there.

And as you probably know, the "healthcare" bill will not follow the usual path of going to a joint conference committee, then reintroduction to the houses of Congress for approval. Rather a combined bill will be drawn up IN COMPLETE SECRECY then presented to both houses. If this sticks in your craw as much as it does in mine, there is a petition started up here. Since I signed it about 2 hrs ago, the number of signers has gone up by about 3,000 so people ARE responding.

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Anonymous said...

People laugh at me because I keep my withholdings grossly high, but this is why. I realized a long time ago that the government was holding my money interest free a long time ago.