Friday, January 15, 2010


We've all seen the pictures and the video clips. We have heard the number, the constantly climbing number, of dead. And it is almost so big, so horrible, that it loses its reality. It is literally almost beyond comprehension.

But sadly, it IS real. All the pain and suffering, the death and injury, is real. And once again, in spite of our problems, the USA is out in front in delivering aid and comfort. Not only is the gov't sending 100 million dollars, but its citizens will donate what is expected to be ANOTHER 100 million dollars. Even in this time of financial hardship for many of us, we once again do what is right and dig into our pockets to share with those who need our help.
And I can't help noting that the great spokesman of socialism, Mr Danny Glover, feels that we should follow the lead of Chavez and Cuba, those great demonstrators of giving......Chavez sent ONE planeload of aid, Cuba sent 20 tons. I guess in the grand scheme of things, Mr Glover really
doesn't count for a pile of doggy dung, and his stupid remarks only show how blind he is to reality. Hey Danny, it is that nasty, evil country that you so love to hate that is doing all the work for the unfortunate victims in Haiti, so how about you shut up and get out of the way, so the real humanitarians can do what needs to be done.
Cartoon from sorta says what I was saying, only better.

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