Sunday, July 19, 2009

Musical Break and a BBQ story

Just a song that I find hard to get out of my head once I play it.

As to the BBQ........
Since it was a nice afternoon/evening, what better way to end the weekend than with some meat on the grill. The love of my life had marinaded the meat and it was my job to fire up the grill and cook the meat. So out I go to the backyard. I take the cover off the grill, turn on the gas tank, open the grill and remove the cooking trays, and am about to put some wood chips into the iron tray. This is a small cast-iron dish about 3 by 6 inches that sits over the gas burners so the wood chips smolder and smoke. But when I look, there is an accumulation of twigs, grass clippings and other "yard waste" in the dish, which was NOT there when I last used it less than a week ago. Realizing what it was, I called to my wife and she came out to see as well. As she looked in, I explained what I had found and that I thought it was a nest being built. She looked in and said that it certainly was a nest, and in fact there was the "homeowner" looking back at us. I peeked under the gas burners and was looking at a very indignant mouse whose lovely sheltered home was being destroyed by my activities! Well, it was a really good thing that he/she made his/her presence known before I had lighted the burners, so after a short game of catch-me-if-you-can, the squatter took off for other points, I cleaned out the nest and refilled the dish with hickory chips, and supper got underway as originally planned.

No moral, just an enjoyable diversion before supper.


Anonymous said...

Clean your grill numbnuts. Vermin love to get fat off your laziness.

doc said...

Dear Anon:
I elected to post your comment so that others can see how NOT to respond. Just as an info note, the grill is cleaned after every use. But more importantly, your response is an excellent example of the lack of civility so often seen in our society, and especially here on the web. I post things here for my own enjoyment and in hopes that some posts may amuse others, present an idea for thought or discussion, or maybe assist someone in changing their mind on some topic.
That you feel the need to throw out an insult, an insult which is, in fact, based on false assumptions, says more about you than you realize.