Friday, July 24, 2009


So once again, Albany is stealing our money. They have been using the "9-11" telephone surcharge to buy uniforms, for a statewide wireless network (which is NOT working and has failed its testing), and for the infamous "general fund". And when they are discovered, their solution is to change the name of the tax so we cannot complain that the money is being misused.

What a bunch of thieves!


Anonymous said...

Maybe next month I will submit only about half of the sales tax I collect. I will use the rest to plug the holes in my budget.


Anonymous said...

Use of 911/E911 Fees/Charges for Other Purposes .... Page 12 FCC report to Congress "NEW York: In 2008-2009, $10 million was transferred from the balance of the Local
Wireless account to provide relief for the state's General Fund, which was
facing a substantial deficit. Transfer authorized by statute" Another example of New York State Government Legal Crime.

Anonymous said...

Why not, these people bribe us for votes with OUR own money.