Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Til Death Do....."

I have no stocks or bonds, so what the market does has little direct effect on me. The credit crunch affects me as it affects us all, but only in a rather indirect way. Unfortunately, I am getting to the point in life that I am more and more aware of my own mortality, and recognize my increased likelihood to need medical intervention to keep me among the living. So when I saw this article about the "little package" buried in the porkulus bill, I cringed.

Now even if you aren't yet at the age of gray hair and creaking bones, please pay attention to what this lady is saying. This package is nothing short of the government taking over medical care, not in a round about "sort-of, kind-of " way, but the direct takeover and control of how YOU and your family will or will not receive care. There will be someone sitting behind a desk in the wilds of Washington, looking at the cost of your care and your age, comparing your case and your prognosis with the costs involved, and deciding absolutely and irrevocably, whether you live or die. You have no say in it, your doctor has no say in it. You can' even opt out and get private care out of your own pocket. You are at the mercy of a nameless, faceless bureaucrat who gives not a rat's posterior about you, your family,your hopes or dreams. He/she is simply following government guideline number something-or-other, and on the basis of that formula, controlling your destiny, your life.

Look east to England to see how wonderfully this system works; watch people being refused chemotherapy because it would "only" improve their quality of life, and would be expensive to use; watch people sent home to die because they are too old to be considered for organ transplant or cardiac surgery, or too fat or too thin or whatever cockamamie reason some bureaucrat comes up with. And as their doctor fights an unwindable battle for their patient, the government accountant looks at the books and nods in approval of the cost savings.

Think really hard about this question......can you think of any project, ANY project that the government doesn't completely screw up? And do you want that same government to take responsibility for the medical care of you and your loved ones?

To make it even uglier, much of this plan is straight from the book of Mr Tom Daschel, the tax evading cheat who was going to run the Dept of Health and Human Services in a fair and honest way, controlling the same companies from whom he was collecting huge fees right up to his appointment. And in that book, he even suggests that this sort of control be snuck in some sort of funding bill, so the poor suckers who will be most affected (that would be you and me) will not even know that it was there until it was too late to stop it.

This is getting really scary, really spooky. Our country is disappearing right before our eyes, replaced by the megalith of a larger and larger Washington bureaucracy that is swallowing us up. As one pundit put it, our country is changing from what we came here to become back to what we tried to escape from 250 years ago in our declaration of Independence. We are ceding our Independence, our country, our future to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Sen Reid, B Obama, J Kerry, and the hordes of socialistic bureaucrats who think that they are so much smarter and better than we are. Stop! Stop and think where this is taking us. It is a dark and dangerous road that leads to indenture, to slavery, not to another man but to a government of faceless, nameless, uncaring automatons who answer only to a malformed idea of what they think the world should be.

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