Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts on the Porkulus bill

It's a given that we tend to see the world with a view skewed by our surroundings. Thus the person from a liberal outlook will see the world through the eyes of a liberal bias and feel that “everyone” sees it the same way because he/she sees it that way as do his/her friends. Likewise a conservative will talk with other conservatives and soon feel that “everyone” feels the same way he does.
Even with this built-in bias, I am sensing a mood change here. I am hearing more people wondering why they are working so hard to stay afloat when the government is taking more and more of their earnings and handing it out to other people and groups who are quite happy to live off the government dole and let others pay their way. “Why shouldn't I just quit and go on public assistance? It would be a whole lot easier and I probably would come out ahead financially as well”, I hear other saying with greater frequency than ever before. And when one looks around, it is easy to see why this feeling is becoming so widespread. We watch as Congress passes a bill that THEY NEVER READ, a bill that will take thousands of dollars from each and every one of us as well as our children and grandchildren, and then hands that money out to people and to groups whose only claim to that money is that they were friends of some congressman. And then as a slap in the face, we're told that we all will get a tax break and that should keep us all happy. Let's see, they take an average of about $13,000 from each of us, give us back $13 a week and tell us to shut up and smile......maybe, just maybe, that is why people are getting fed up. And in my area, we are blessed with a senator who stands up at a press conference and says that the people aren't bothered by the pork in this bill, and a congressman who BRAGS that he didn't read the bill and would vote for it no matter what it said. Lord help me, but I stand almost in awe of the arrogance and stupidity of these people. Hey Mr. Hinchey, that is my money that you just stole. You just took money from my children and spent it on the biggest load of manure ever to come from Washington, and you have the audacity to brag that you didn't even read the frigging bill!!!! Aside from the rather obvious conflict with all that was promised to us about governmental transparency and openness by Mr Obama and the democratic leadership ( 5 days for people to read and comment on all bills), it rubs salt in the wound when it is rushed through as a crisis, an emergency that can't wait even one more day, but then the President leaves it on his desk over a long weekend while he goes on a vacation. Where, or why, or when did we give this bunch of thieves such control over us? Is Mr Shumer or Mr Hinchey or your congressmen and senators, really that much smarter than us, that they can take our hard earned money and our hard earned freedom and squander it on a trillion dollar bill they don't even read? I am old enough and cynical enough to say with complete certainty, NO. They are not smarter. They are not better. They certainly are less interested in your or my well-being than we are, and know a whole lot less about what is good for us than we do. But because they live in DC, somehow they suddenly become experts in economics, in all that passes their desks, even those bills not yet written and never read when they discuss them and vote on them. And the fact that most economists disagree with them, the fact that simple common sense tells us that you can't get out of debt by borrowing more money than you can afford, doesn't bother them in the least. And the Constitution, that piece of paper written years ago, is simply ignored whenever it interferes with their desires and plans. The Constitution has no provision for government take-over of banks; it doesn't allow Washington to set mortgage rates or conditions; it certainly doesn't allow salary caps (in fact it specifically PROTECTS private contracts such as those fixing salaries between employer and employee); it doesn't allow the sec'y of the Treasury (remember him, the tax cheat?) to decide what type and price cars Detroit can manufacture. But no matter, it is just a piece of paper, and our representatives know so much more that our founding fathers ever knew.

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Anonymous said...

On the news last night, in a discussion about the "jobs" this new bill would create, it was stated that people should be glad to have any job that they can get. "it's a matter of pride and fulfillment". Really? With monthly bills of almost $2000 I'm going to take a job that pays $9.50/hr? And I'm going to have pride and fulfillment knowing that I'm working my butt off to get farther behind? Let's see...at $9.50/hr that gives me, before taxes, $1520/month. I'm already $480 behind. Take a look at any of the job postings online or in your local paper. Unless you have 15 college degrees, an IQ of 500 and are willing to...wait for it...go overseas, the top paying job pays between minimum wage and $12/hr. How can anyone live on that amount? No wonder people have the "the heck with it I'm going on welfare" attitude. When will the people of this country wake up and revolt against this unceasing program of hitting the people with more and more tax burden and less and less benefits?