Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Insolent S.O.B.

Sen Harry Reid is so very happy that those dirty, unwashed tourists won't be around to offend his upper-crust sensibilities any more.

Perhaps someone should remind this bas****d that those tourists are the ones who are paying his salary and funding all the billions that he and his compatriots are spending every freaking day they are in Washington. Where does he get off, anyway? He and all the other professional politicians are supposed to be there solely to look out for the good of the country; they are supposed to be public servants. Instead they have become, at least in their own eyes, so much better than us unwashed and sweaty commoners.

Hey Sen. Reid, guess what.......this country became the greatest country in the history of the world because of that sweat. The men and women who sweated as they forged steel, plowed fields, built skyscrapers, planted crops in all sorts of weather, and did the thousands and thousands of other tasks that needed to be done to make themselves and their country better, they are the ones who built this country. It wasn't a bunch of career politicians, sitting on their asses in Washington as they pissed away the common man's tax money, who built up the US of A. And when things got bad and dirty, hard work had to be done, it sure as shooting was NOT the politicians who stepped up to do it. It was one of those sweaty common folks who volunteered to do what had to be done.

This little speech of his does a much better job of explaining and revealing what is wrong with those who think they lead us than any long-winded blog ever could. He and his ilk see themselves as the elite, the first-class, the best of everyone. In fact, it shows me exactly what he really is, and confirms why many of us look at politicians with contempt.

When the brown stuff hits the fan, I know who I want by my side, and it sure as hell would not be Sen Reid who would be standing there complaining about the terrible odor of sweat and the commoners and riff-raff. It would be that riff-raff that would be the one who would be working AND SWEATING to save the day.

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