Thursday, September 8, 2011

9-11 Ten years later

As I have in past years, I offer the following link

It's been 10 years, only 10 years, and we are forgetting already the horror of that day, and the heroism of the police of the Port Authority, NYPD, the EMS responders, and the FDNY members. All of these men and women went to the site, and knowing the danger and the chance of never going home, still went into the Twin Towers to rescue as many as they could. Their actions helped untold numbers of people escape to safety before the towers fell.

We owe it to them all NOT to forget, not to forget the horror and terror and tears of that day, or to forget their bravery, courage, and self-sacrifice.

We must not forget them for the same reason that we must remember all great heroes of our past. It is the heroes who show us what can be done, what greatness man can aspire to, and what heights we can reach for. It is the heroes of 9-11 who stand tall before us, leading by their example, personifying so much of what makes us a great people. It isn't the politicians, it isn't the Hollywood glamour stars, it isn't the current pop music stars, it isn't the svelt TV anchorman or woman. It is the first responders, men and women often working 2 jobs to keep their families fed, clothed and housed, men and women with dirt under nails, blisters and broken bones, who get up day in and day out to stand between all the bad things out there and the strangers whom they have sworn to protect. The least that we can do is to take one day to bow our heads and pray for them, and to thank them by remembering them.

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