Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pelosi and health care bill

Watching the news on TV this evening, and there is the House speaker in front of the mics, absolutely gloating as she tells the reporters that the health bill will mandate health insurance, with a stiff penalty if it isn't purchased. And she says with a straight face that the people of this country overwhelmingly want the "public option" (ie Gov't insurance)

Just where the hell does she get off telling me and you that we HAVE to buy health insurance? Who exactly appointed her my nanny and/or my boss? And where exactly is there ANYTHING in the Constitution that gives her or any other jackass in Washington any right at all to mandate this? There are times when their arrogance and their deceit really hits you right in the face . At the same time as she says this, the news is reporting the most recent poll shows 50% are AGAINST gov't insurance. And as I remember, there have been more than a few protests against this massive takeover of yet one more part of our economy, but hey, what difference do us peons make anyway. Just shut up and prepare to send even more money to this idiots via her newest plan, a value-added-tax.


Anonymous said...

Let'em pass it, and then when the SCOTUS strikes it down as unconstitutional, as it is obvious, the whole law will be considered null and void.

doc said...

Anon...only flaw in that thinking is that the Supreme Ct will rule that way. They don't exactly have a history of strict interpretation, and with new members being appointed, the chance of a even more liberal interpretation grows larger and larger. This all presupposes that they even agree to hear the cases, and history shows that once a law is passed, it is VERY difficult to un-pass it.