Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Link to what is happened today in Iran.

WARNING Very graphic photos.

How could anyone do this to another countryman?
And how could we be so stupid to think that talking to them is going to magically change them? These leaders are still in the Middle Ages, or worse. I'm no genius (duh, no kidding Capt Obvious!!) but I don't see a diplomatic solution here.

For all who believe in it, and I do, please pray for all the victims.


Anonymous said...

Uh, Captain Genius, praying is exactly the reason why this is happening. Religion and other superstitious behavior are the root of all evil. The more you pray the more they pay. It's really pretty simple.

doc said...

Dear Anon... I'm not quite sure what connection you are trying to make here. "religion is the root of all evil". Interesting concept, but let me think of some of the worst evils of the last century....Stalin, Hitler. Pol Pot, Mao...all of these men have one thing in common. They tried to destroy religion and those who believed in a religion, because religion could be a source of strength against them. Can religion be corrupted? Sure it can, as can anything else involving men. But fault the corruption, not the belief. "the more you pray the more they pay" Sorry, you have completely lost me on that one. I have no idea at all what you mean.

Have a great one!!!

doc said...

anon....I''ll be happy to discuss topics with you, but quite honestly I have no time to waste with anyone who starts his/her comment by insulting me. And quite honestly, the degree of your prejudice is so obvious and so great that there honestly is no common point from which to start a debate or discussion.
Have a great day, and don't bother trying to continue because they will not get posted.