Monday, November 24, 2008

Change That We Can Believe In

As our president-elect sets up his new cabinet, we see that the change really ends up being a Clinton Cabinet replay. As one pundit pointed out, it sort of reinforces the feeling that he really has no experience at what he is doing and is in over his head, so he falls back on others who do have the experience. In any case, some of the choices are rather troubling.

I hope this is a mistake quickly corrected, though I rather doubt that it will be. And one of his spokespersons a short time ago assured us that he would be ready to rule from day one. I am deeply sorry, but no one, NO ONE, rules in this country. People govern, they lead, but they do NOT rule. I personally see this as more than a "slip-of-the-tongue"; I see it as yet another piece of evidence that the Obama movement has every intention of trying to fundamentally change this country and its government, changing it away from the system that has brought us to the position as the best the world has ever seen

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