Friday, September 19, 2008

Let me see if I understand this correctly........a bunch of people take a quasi-governmental agency and cook the books to give themselves obscenely large bonuses, and in the process they run that agency into the ground. Now that FannieMay and FreddyMac are on their last legs, I’m supposed to give my money to bail them out while those who caused the problems are spending their multimillion dollar bonuses.
Can you think of any way, any way at all, to justify this? If you or I tried this, we’d be under investigation, then under arrest, long before the sun went down. But because of who these people are, they walk away scot free leaving the stupid taxpayer to clean up their mess. And I say stupid because we will sit here and allow it to happen, again and again.
This is NOT a partisan issue. The B.S. in Fannie May and Freddy Mac has been going on for years under more than 1 administration. And no one, NO ONE, has done spit to stop it or to hold anyone responsible. Why aren’t those who fudged the books under indictment? Why aren’t those who took the illegally-obtained bonuses forced to at least repay them, if not be arrested for fraud and theft?
Is there no one in Washington who gives a tinker’s dam for the common man?

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